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My training in therapeutic healing began in the 1970's and it is only recently that I have finally found the modality of healing work that fits my style:  Quantum-Touch. Since completing my massage therapy training at The Collinson School of Massage Therapy, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1996 I practiced deep tissue massage work.  Although I believe in the benefits of massage work, I now know that Energy Work, especially Spirit Guided Healing, is far more effective for promoting health and well being.  Please see the bodywork and Spirit Guided Healing pages for more information on energy work.

All sessions except Raindrop Technique are $60 per hour.  Raindrop is $80 per hour to cover the cost of the wonderful, powerful, potent Young Living Essential Oils.

Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Quantum-Touch Energetic Healing, Ear Candling, Energy Balancing, Raindrop Techniques, Access Consciousness The Bars, Spirit Guided Messages, Medium readings for all animals 


Spirit Guided Healing Class  
12 non credit  hours $200

Spirit Guided Messages

Spirit Guides are here to help you stay on your spiritual path: The lessons you decided to learn during this lifetime. If you are making choices in life that are detrimental to your spiritual path your Spirit Guides will influence your life as best they can to get you back on track. They do not carry judgments and are only here to help with important decisions you are making in life. You may also have picked up spirit guides along this lifetime due to their interest in your work. These spirit guides are only interested in helping you perform that line of work. Spirit Guides are always with you and will always come through in a reading even if it is only to say that you are doing great, keep up the good work.

Spirits that may have messages for you are usually deceased relatives or friends. Upon occasion a spirit may come through that you did not know in this lifetime but they have taken an interest in your life and may have some valuable input about certain situations. While Spirit Guides carry no judgments Spirits do indeed have opinions just like they did when you knew them on earth. They may be in a happier place on the other side but they may indeed have strong messages about how they think you should go about some things in your life. On the other hand they may have grown spiritually on the other side and they may want to contact you to apologize about their behavior with you during their time here on earth.

The Healing Place of Tucson

One week lodging with 10 healing sessions                                  $800 


Spirit Guided Healing Class $200

Please visit The Healing Place of Tucson for more information on classes and to see the current class schedule. 

Please go to The Healing Place for information about Retreats

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