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Dog Sitting

Dog loving home offers fenced in front and back yards. Doggie door to back yard. I am retired at 62 years of age and love dogs. Your dogs are welcome on my furniture and in my bed. I am home most of the day but do leave to go for bike rides, hikes and dances.

I have been dog sitting for the past year and am listed with If it is your first time using rover you can put in my code Juna1520 to receive a $20 discount.  You can see my reviews and pictures of the dogs I have sat for.

I will give medicine in food only. I enjoy walking your dogs and as long as they do not pull too much.I will take them for two mile long walks, one in the morning and one at night.

My last dog went to doggie heaven in May of 2015. Instead of getting another dog I have decided to give all my love and attention to your dogs. This will free me to do some international traveling as I want to explore as many countries as I can before leaving this world.

I will only accept dogs from different households if both owners assure me that the dogs are friendly.

7/6/18 Just gotta share this new insight.

I have had this pit bull/bulldog mix for almost 2 weeks now. I love her but her constant farts were horrendous. I accidentally spilled some coconut oil on the floor yesterday and she immediately lapped it up. Later that day I realized that she has not had any stinky farts. This morning I added 2 T of coconut oil to her food. Again a day free of stinky farts. Just wish I had spilled the oil on day one.
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