Chi Bodywork
Marcy White

How Energetic Healing Works for Me

Once I started using energetic healing work my psychic senses exploded.  It has been 8 years now and many message have been recorded in my Spirit Guided Healing ebook on my other webiste The Healing Place of Tucson. 

This is extremely useful in doing long distance healing.  I will see, feel, hear or know what the client needs.  For clients who are sensitive to the energy or developed psychically (we all have psychic or intuitive natures) they will feel the area of the body that is being worked on.  I say 'worked on' but what I really am referring to is the area I am holding the vibration around (for example the right elbow) and thus the clients' right elbow is where they sense the energy (tingling, warmth).

Fear not, if you are not sensitive to the sensation of the energy it still works.  Your body will take the energy in and heal itself and the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.  When your pain is gone you will have the proof you need.

If there is some emotional block that needs clearing before the energy can 'fix' the physical body I/we may use a different technique along with QuantumTouch.  Sometimes I can clear it within the session  but other times the client may need to do some work on their own in order to get in touch with a past 'feeling' before releasing it.

If the physical problem is related to a past life then the emotion from that life or death in that life will need to be processed and released.  With distance work we will be in touch over the phone and any visions or messages I get will be discussed as they come up.

My Viewpoint

My personal experience with Energetic Healing began in the 1980's when I took the basic classes called Healing Hands, Therapuetic Touch, Reiki and Quantum Touch and The Wonder Method.  Even though I am a believer in energy work I was still amazed when one of my teachers, Alain Herriott, explained distance healing. 

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