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Healing Testimonials

Testimonial from a student

Hi Marcy -

Just a quick thank you for a WONDERFUL experience in the workshop! Begin able to go so deep into training, conversation, and energy experience was a perfect way to train. I am so excited and am very thankful that I was able to reconnect with you for the training. Awesome!

Secondly, I wanted to share a quick success story with you. I think that I mentioned during the workshop that my mother has been experiencing quite a bit of trouble and pain with her knee. A botched surgery just wrecked the entire knee and she has a lot of pain when walking or going up stairs. She also has been experiencing pretty strong jaw pain for the last two weeks -just sort of popped up.

I invited her to the house for a hands on session and we ended up moving with the energy for over 2 hours! I was careful to watch for signs that the energy had run its course, but apparently Mom needed a lengthier session than I thought she would! After about 30 minutes of working through some awful blocks and re balancing her Chakras, her response to the energy was amazing. I actually had to start with distance healing on her knee as I just could get much moving at first. But after I "went into" her knee, so to speak, her leg began twitching like crazy and she remarked that it "felt like needles shooting all through her knee." Thankfully, she stayed with it. I started getting messages coming through (amazing), did a lot of work on her jaw, and was drawn to a number of additional places. By the end of the therapy time, she moved off my table and stood up. As soon as her feet hit the floor, tears began pouring as she told me that she had absolutely no pain in her jaw or (much to her shock) her knee! She actually ran up and down my stairs a couple of times just to prove to herself she wasn't imagining it.

So again, I thank you for introducing this technique into my life. I wouldn't have believed some of what I witnessed last night had I not seen it for myself. Years of pain and struggle in my mom were reversed in just a couple of hours. I'm just blown away and I embrace more opportunities to be a partner in the healing journey of so many others.

I look forward to having you up to Phoenix soon!

Peace and light,

The Teacher Learns

Normally when I teach a class I do not run energy into the students as I want them to know that the healing that is taking place is coming from their assistance.  I want students to leave my class knowing that they have attained a certain level of running the energy and that they are getting results.

But, this particular class had 2 students who were feeling the energy exceptionally well and, to tell you the truth I was getting bored.  I mean they were having all the fun by running the energy.  I asked if I could join them and they said yes.  So, while one student was working on the left sciatic/psoas points I started working on the right sciatic/psoas.  After a minute the student being worked on said the right side felt light while the left side felt more dense.  I happened to have been spiraling the energy instead of drawing it straight up from the earth.  I was wondering to myself if this could be the difference student 1 was feeling.  Student 1 then said to student 2, why don't we change places to see what you feel.  After a minute of working on student 2 he said, 'Yeah, I see what you mean.  Marcy's side feels like the energy is spiraling.'  Well, he said the magic word.  So, needless to say I was delighted. But I needed some more proof that this was indeed what both of them were feeling.

So, I told them what I was doing and then I taught them the spiraling technique.  After that when we resumed working on both students they agreed that the energy was now feeling the same on both sides.

I'm so glad I followed my intuition (or my boredom/jealousy of not running the energy) because this discovery was a wonderful confirmation of how the different techniques of running the energy really do change how the clients body intelligence receives it.

       Testimonials from me and clients

Okay, here's the deal with testimonials. The idea is that you, the reader, will believe something if it's called a testimonial and has a name attached to it. Well, how do you really know you can believe that? See, I believe it all comes down to what you, the reader, believe is possible. Once again I refer you to the library and internet to review Quantum Physics so that you can get a glimpse of the mystery unfolding right before your very eyes, should you decide to see it...and feel it.......and know it. I personally recommend the movie 'What the bleep do we know?' and the educational video 'Crossing the Event Horizon'.

Anyway, getting people to write testimonials is like pulling teeth. Well, actually, I think pulling teeth is easier. So, you can believe what I write as testimonials (or not) because I am not going to pester people to write them when it's much easier to write them myself.  There are a few written by clients and those have their name after it.

Also, remember........YOU ARE THE HEALER. The practitioner is assisting you by holding a higher vibration of energy that your body wants to resonate with and thus the healing can occur.

The following testimonials are only some of the cases in which I have had the pleasure to assist the client in attaining a healthier body.

Alignment of Bones

Bones move quite easily when energy is applied. It often takes only minutes to see the results. Hips and cranial bones move very fast and can be measured easily. Since hips are often times out of alignment there would be numerous testimonials if I wrote all of them.

Archiles Tendon Surgery

After my surgery I was in a cast and I was told that after 2 weeks I would be put in another cast because they would slowly stretch the tendon out.  I was supposed to be in 3 different casts before being allowed to be in a walking cast.  Marcy did 5 treatments on me while I was in the first cast.  The doctor was so impressed with my improvement that I got to skip the other casts and go straight to a walking cast.
Carl Alsobrooks
Tucson, AZ

Back Pain

As you can imagine this is the most common complaint of pain for most people. Everyone I've worked on has walked away feeling improvement. Some walk away totally pain free, others maybe attain a 50% decrease in pain.

Dental - Self Root Canal

My daughter went to the dentist and he said he had never seen such a thing before......but that her mouth had undergone a self healing root canal.  The only thing we can think of is that during all the energy work done on her for the endometriosis her body also sent some energy to do the needed dental repair.  Now we are working on her tooth so it doesn't turn black,which is what the dentist thinks will happen.

This is now 5 months later.  My daughter just got the clean bill of health from the dentist.  The tooth still has a slight tinge of pink near the gum but obviously the nerve did indeed reattach and all is well.


My daughter was suffering from endometriosis symptoms and although energetic healing could temporarily relieve her pain from an attack it wasn't until I got the message to work on her daily that we began the actual healing process.  During this time I also applied techniques learned in the 'Self Created Health' class which addresses the emotional component behind the dis ease.  She made dramatic strides in dealing with her role of taking care of others feelings which was her emotional connection.  She now leaves work behind when she comes home and her work environment has improved dramatically.


I've only worked on one fibromyalgia client so far and her pain went away by the end of a 1 hour session, flared up the next day and then was gone for months.

Knee Pain

My friend Bob, who is somewhat skeptical of this work finally agreed to let me work on his knee because he was in so much pain. He thought for sure he would need surgery. After working on him while I was in California on my bicycle journey and he was in South Dakota he called me two weeks later with the news of his knee was steadily and continually improving. He kept saying, 'It had to be what you did because nothing else was changed in my routine.'

Knee Pain (Arthritis)

Hi Marcy,
It is now March, 2010 and my daughter just told me you would like a testimonial for your website from my visit to Tucson last Thanksgiving.  Here it is:
I had xrays and MRI's on my knees and ankles and then the doctor told me it was degenerative arthritis - I was limping around for 7 months - so much pain at night I couldn't sleep.  When I'd get up in the morning I could barely walk.  Since your 20 minute treatment last Thanksgiving I have been pain free!!! I have had none of those symptoms since I hopped down from your massage table.  Amazing, absolutely amazing!  Thank you so much.  If the symptoms, or any new ones reappear I will be on the next flight to Tucson.  So glad I met you.
Susan Schempf 
St. Francis, MN

Nervous Stomach

I've had a few clients come in with a nervous stomach as one of their complaints. It usually settles down within 5 minutes.

Rotator Cuff Muscle Tear

The only muscle repair client I've had is the one I mentioned on the Spirt Guided Healing page. We believe he had a rotator cuff muscle tear and although I was giving him massages on a weekly basis we both knew it wouldn't repair the tear in the muscle.  I was so excited to work on him because I really believed that Energetic Healing could assist in the healing of the muscle tear. He went to sleep, which often happens as sessions are very relaxing. I kept my hands on his shoulders for 45 minutes. Steady pulsations were happening rapidly at first and then finally subsided. So, even though he slept through the treatment I knew there was healing going on because of the sensations.

He called me 20 minutes later as he was driving to work and explained, 'I don't have any pain. I keep moving my arm and try to get the pain to return but it doesn't.' I told him to take it easy, after all, he was my first client and I wasn't sure if he could 'undo' the healing. He was so thrilled and said to me 'Maybe I can start playing softball again.' His range of motion had been quite limited due to the pain.

Sensation returns to fingers

I just finished a healing session with Marcy. Before she started she asked me if their was any specific ailments I would like worked on .I responded that I thought i was in pretty good health and couldn't think of anything so she agreed to just let our guides tell us what needed to be done. What I had forgotten and never mentioned was that I knew I had a pinched nerve in my left shoulder that made 3 of my fingers always tingle , like when your foot falls asleep. I'd lived with it for so long I had totally forgotten about it. During the session she worked on my left shoulder alot and said she felt strong sensations there. It wasn't till a few hours later when I accidentally hit my left hand and it hurt, did I realize that the feeling had returned to those fingers, and what she had done . Thank you Marcy.
Mick Collins
Tucson, Az

Throat Polyps
I was so delighted to have the opportunity to work on someone with a severe condition right after I took the advance QT class called 'Core I Transformation'. This client was ready to undergo another surgery on his throat the very next week. After 3 treatments, about one hour in length each, he canceled his surgery because his voice had returned. He had been suffering from this condition for 10 months which included one surgery and recovery, only to be followed with recurring polyps within months.

After a month of regular treatments, William went back to the doctor to have his throat scoped. The doctor said that William was 90% healed. William asked him if this was a common occurrence and the doctor said that it was not. Most people do not experience such healing. I continue to work with William once every few weeks on the remaining 10%.

This is William's testimonial

In the fall of ‘07 I was diagnosed with a non-malignant form of vocal granuloma, after 6 months of traditional therapy, my voice was pretty much gone. The cause is unknown. I had invasive surgery to remove them in the spring of ’08. At the 8 week post surgery examination, I was told that the granuloma had returned, which I knew because of my hoarseness and continual throat clearing.

A second surgery was scheduled for the fall of ’08 for the removal of the granuloma that would include topical treatment of chemo! It is not uncommon for the granuloma to regrow (approx 50%) of the time, and with a topical chemo treatment, success rate increases to 75%.

A few days prior to surgery, I was able to have 3 or 4 treatments by phone with Marcy. After the first one, I felt immediately that something had shifted- my throat/voice felt changed. I canceled the surgery and we continued to do treatments by phone. About a month later I scheduled an appointment with the Doc. He examined me and the granulomas had decreased in size by about 90%.

Marcy and I continue to work together, once every couple of weeks. The granuloma have not disappeared but the reality of working with her and keeping them at bay beats "going under the knife". I feel very indebted to her for her healing support. William D.

Urinary Tract Infection

I have had reoccurring urinary tract infections for over ten years. I’we had success treating them with colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic, in the past but when I was on vacation in an isolated area I called Marcy and she gave me a distance session which healed my UTI within 1 hour. Kamillia H.

I had one client with scoliosis. After one treatment (1 hour) she noticed how much straighter she could hold herself. She asked her husband to feel her back to see if he could notice the scoliosis and he said he could not feel any curvature. 

Energy work on Inanimate Things

Shower Head

From one day to the next my shower head did not work.  I tried switching the setting in every way I could and no water was flowing.  I turned the faucet off and did 2 minutes of energy work on the shower head.  Turned the water back on and it worked.

Washing Machine - Spin cycle

My daughter's washing machine is old and sometimes the spin cycle stops working.  The first time I worked on it I did energy work for only a minute and it started working again.  Well, I thought that was way too easy so I didn't write a testimonial.  This last time, however is worth telling the story.  I asked my pendulum if I could get the spin cycle to work again using energetic healing.  It said 'Yes' so I asked how long of a session does it need and I started my statement at 15 minutes and it responded with a 'Yes'.  So,during the 15 minutes I could feel a lot of energy in my hands.  It did dissipate after 15 minutes.  The spin cycle worked but then quit half way through.  I laughed because I realized my mistake in semantics when asking the pendulum.  So then I asked it if the washing machine could be fixed to the way it was previously working and it said 'Yes'.  So, another 10 minutes of QT and it went through a complete cycle like it used to.

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