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Myrrh - (commiphora Myrrha) Myrrh helps a person disengage from the mass consciousness conditioning. Social norms drain a person's spontaneous energy, obstructing the joy of being in the moment. Extended use of Myrrh empowers a person to develop their norms guided by Source.

Using Myrrh helps with issues of trust. Intent coupled with the oils' gentle energy encourages looking at their fears that created the mistrust and enable a person to admit to their loss of faith. Once resistance is acknowledged, trust in Self can begin rebuilding. Constraining emotions causes a very dense and weary feeling. People believe that denying heart feelings protects them but it only achieves keeping them in a state of separation and furthers the spell of illusion. These denied emotions create walls of armor around the aura, which block the physical body's ability to receive replenishing Pranic energy. Dense walls around the aura make it feel uncomfortable to be in the body. Myrrh energy generates a feeling of being enveloped in a shield of love that reflects all harmful influences and lets the heart stay open.

Massage the neck with Myrrh to reduce the need for control and release issues of not trusting.

Myrrh goes back at least 4,000 years. Use it as a meditational aid and before any healing session. It strengthens the Base Chakra. Myrrh is particularly valuable for people who feel "stuck" emotionally or spiritually and wants to move forward in their lives.

Myrrh is used to maintain and support the state of grace. It is good for people who are afraid to speak up about their emotions. The oil creates confidence and awareness. It moves fluids and so it is good for weight loss. Its centering properties make it an excellent inhalation for compulsive eaters, in part because it connects them with the real issues and does not allow them to hide behind their food.

This oil helps us to realize that we need to let go of our wounds, forgive and move forward. Energetically it helps overcome the martyr's burden of suffering and sorrow. It is an excellent oil for the healer who carries the pain of those she works to heal. This fragrance enables the letting go of the need to stand up for the just against the unjust.

Myrrh has a sesquiterpene level of 62%.

It is good for compulsive eaters. It moves fluids in the body.

In the Bible, when Esther was being prepared for marriage Aloe, Cassia, Myrrh and Sandalwood were blended and massaged into her body every day for 30 days prior to the ceremony.

Myrrh was used in burial and was highly regarded by David and Solomon. It was one of the ingredients of the holy anointing oil. "I have perfumed my bed with myrrh and aloes and cinnamon." (Proverbs 7:17)

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) is an anti-microbial oil referenced throughout the Old and New Testaments. (A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me... Song of Solomon 1:13). It was also part of a formula the Lord gave to Moses (Exodus 30:22-27). It was used traditionally in the royal palaces by the queens as an anti-infectious agent during pregnancy and birthing. It has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that has direct effects on the hypothalamus, pituitary and amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. It has been used in eastern countries to enhance the feeling of spirituality or euphoria. A trade commodity, Myrrh possessed the frequency of wealth according to legends.

Known for its ability to combat infections, viruses and inflammation, Myrrh helps soothe skin conditions and supports the health of the immune system. The Arabian people used Myrrh for a variety of skin conditions including chapped lips, cracked skin and wrinkles. Today, Myrrh is widely used in oral hygiene products and can help soothe sore throats, coughs, toothaches and gum infections. Myrrh also has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes, which has a direct effect on our emotional well-being. A rich, smoky aroma, Myrrh promotes spiritual awareness and is a purifying, restorative and inspiring oil

Myrrh: (Commiphora myrrha) - ORAC 379,800. The historical data says it is mentioned in one of the oldest know medical records, Ebers Papyrus (dating from sixteenth century BC) and ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes.

The Arabian people used Myrrh for many skin conditions, such as chapped and cracked skin and wrinkles. It was listed in Hildegard's Medicine, a compilation of early German medicines by highly-regarded Benedictine herbalist Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179).

Medical properties states that it is a very powerful antioxidant, anti-tumoral, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-parasitic and analgesic/anesthetic with the uses being diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, fungal infection, (Candida, ringworm, eczema), tooth/gum infections, skin conditions (chapped, cracked, wrinkles and stretch marks).

Fragrant influences are that it promotes spiritual awareness and is uplifting. It contains sesquiterpenes, which stimulate the limbic system of the brain the same as Frankincense does.

Possible Uses - Amenorrhea, athlete's foot, bronchitis, chapped skin, dysmenorrhea, gums, halitosis, hemorrhoids, itching, mouth, ringworm and toothache.

This is an ideal oil for people who lie in bed and repeat the same thoughts again and again. It is believed that Myrrh Oil offers fortitude and courage.

Myrrh is very effective for throat problems and hoarseness.

For Corns

Single Oils: Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Oregano, and Myrrh. Blends: Citrus Fresh. Apply 1 drop of oil directly on the corn. Hope this helps. Jacquelyn

Strep Throat

Three weeks ago I experienced this awful sore throat. I did go to the Dr for a culture. It came out positive for Strep of which I wanted to be sure. I began to oil. I made capsules with 2 drops of each Cypress, Myrrh, Oregano, and Thyme. For the swelling of the throat and glands I used Peppermint rubbed all over it. I began to treat Friday night and Monday I was BETTER! I received one RDT also. Two of my girlfriends were on antibiotics at the same time. They started their medicine Tuesday before me and they were finally able to start swallowing Monday. So oil up and stay healthy. Greetings, Elaine


This was in the NY Post today. Ancient Cure from India may Help Curb Cholesterol. Washington — A remedy used for 2,000 years in India to reduce cholesterol may lead to the development of improved drugs to do the same, researchers said yesterday. David Moore of the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston wrote in the journal Science that his team found the active agent in the Myrrh shrub, which is used as a herbal cure in India, increases the production of bile acids, which rid the body of cholesterol. Reuters

Skin Problems

In the past few months I have been using a lot of Myrrh for skin problems, dermatitis, chapped skin, rashes and the like. It has proven to treat many things when everything else has failed. I urge anyone with skin problems to try it. Now it appears to have another use. Best, Brenda

Elemi is related to Myrrh and is sometimes called the poor man's Myrrh. Myrrh is another oil that is excellent for skin. Best, Brenda


Hello to All
I've only had something like this happen if I've had a virus or if (in the past) I'd been on antibiotics for a week. I've got two stories on the topic of Thrush.

First, my mother-in-law had been on and off of antibiotics for pneumonia this past winter for almost 6 weeks. She developed Thrush. I had her brushing her teeth three times a day with Thieves as well as I sent her the DentaRome Plus Mouthwash boosted with Myrrh and Clove. Within two days she was 100% better! Now she uses either Thieves or Clove on her toothbrush every other day. Takes care of the problem for her. I've also told her to use Lemon but she's not as fond of that one.

Second, one of my best friends had a friend from high school who had AIDS. One of his medications (or maybe the combination of medicines just caught up with him) caused him to have Thrush. Again, I turned to Thieves, Clove and Myrrh. He liked the Thieves and Myrrh the best. For him it took 3-4 days (can't totally remember) before he got the relief he needed.

I've found that Myrrh is incredible for anything to do with skin and mouth care. It's a bit funky tasting, but the clean feel after is better for me than anything else! And it lasts a long time for me. I like that. Wishing you all the best. Lynn

Splitting Nails

Dear J. Group
I am grateful to have Myrrh, which has strengthened my nails (discontinued splitting and enabled growth). This is a plus, just rub the oil on and beneath the nail, but the above problem exists! Any help/response to this will be really appreciated! Thanks to all! June

Myrrh is good for infection as it will deliver oxygen to infection site. Myrrh is good for the skin but it is an anaphrodisiac. He actually used the word birth control for it. Frankincense, Myrrh and gold (which really was oil) were given to Jesus by the 3 wise men. Myrrh is anti-infectious, antiviral, hormone-like and anti-inflammatory. It is used for hepatitis and hyperthyroid.

Woman's Day 4/2002 stated that there's medical power in Myrrh oil. Myrrh has been found to have anti-cancer properties that work by inactivating a protein that is produced by certain cancer cells in breast and prostate cancer. An over production of the protein promotes cancer cell growth and can make cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy. The researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, discovered that the compound in Myrrh destroys the drug resistant breast cancer cells in their lab test.

Myrrh is 75% effective as anti-infectious disease EO.

Myrrh is a holding oil - use as a fixative on top of another oil applied topically to retard evaporation.

Lung Problems

Eucalyptus radiata and Myrrh together is great to raise the immune system when working with lung conditions. Myrrh when used on the face is 75% effective on viruses.

Myrrh - This is an ideal oil for people who lie in bed and repeat the same thoughts again and again. It is believed that Myrrh Oil offers fortitude and courage.

I was listening to a wonderful CD lately and Gary had mentioned putting Myrrh on the face. It’s wonderful, what beautiful skin I've never seen anything like it. I've never had better looking skin and it’s only been a couple of days. Caroline


Traditionally used to cleanse sacred places, Hyssop was also used in purification rituals and to drive away spirits. Modern science has shown that Hyssop Oil can be used to relieve anxiety, arthritis, asthma, respiratory infections, parasites, fungal infections and cold and flu symptoms. This fresh-smelling oil also metabolizes fat, increases perspiration and can help the body detoxify.

Hyssop is anti-asthmatic, anti-catarrhal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, decongestant, diuretic, mucolystic, sedative, good for anxiety, appetite, arthritis, asthma, bruises, cleansing, purifying, colds, concentration, coughs, cuts, dermatitis, digestion, fatigue, fever, gas, gout, grief, lipid metabolism, low blood pressure, lungs, menstrual flow, mucus, nervous tension, parasites, perspiration, rheumatism, scarring, sore throat, stress, tonsillitis, toxins, viral infection and wounds. It’s a great oil to have around when you have a cold. Heather Joy Harings

Ours is not the one on Mount Sinai; that is not known today. Hyssop is good for abscesses and infection. It can be used for respiratory conditions with RC and Eucalyptus. Gary Young

Possible Uses - Bruises, coughing and sore throat.

Hyssops’ aroma is believed to protect against pessimism and encourage clarity and balance.


We have good results with Hyssop for lung congestion. We also used the recipe for pneumonia from EODR when our son was very congested and it cleared up the congestion quickly. The quickest lung clearing results we had were using a rectal implant of Hyssop. The results by morning were amazing. Hope this helps. Lisa

Hyssop oil is great for lung issues. We do about three drops in a capsule and fill it with olive oil and stick it in the rectum and go to bed. Jessica Wild

Our Hyssop is not the one on Mount Sinai. That is not known today. Hyssop is good for abscesses and infection. It can be used for respiratory conditions with RC and Eucalyptus.

Mental Cleansing

Hyssop - (Hyssopus officinalis) Hyssop has a very long history as a cleansing herb. Both the Egyptians and the Hebrews used it. Use it to cleanse any area in which you are planning to meditate, pray or give a healing. Purging old beliefs that do not serve spiritual growth calms the internal struggle of conflicting realities and the emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies begin to release the density of fear. Hyssop clears the density around the aura caused by mental chatter.

Hyssop is a protective herb of the heavens. It is touched with the love and protection of the divine.

Emotional Balance

Hyssop initiates Divine self-acceptance and attracts the gaiety and mirth that are lost when carrying the burdens of guilt and duty. Hyssop expands lung energy by releasing guilt. Energetically Hyssop allows discovery of intense fears held in the unconscious mind by releasing stress held in the nervous system and allowing realization of how fears have constricted nerves over time. Hyssop teaches you to be gentler with Self and not be so stern and rigid. It lessens the drive behind convictions and permits the energy to ease into relaxation. This is a good oil for "Type A personalities, as it leads them to understanding they are the cause of their own internal pressure. When they comprehend the root of their need to be perfect, self-acceptance and compassionate tolerance are stimulated." Hyssop helps you comprehend that errors are part of learning the process and there are no mistakes. Errors are recognized as true blessings in the perfection of Divine Right Timing.

Once we learn from mistakes, we alter the energy and turn this to a positive learning experience.

Add Hyssop to a spray water bottle to clear a room of charged emotion or depression. It also transmutes dense thought forms that are vibrating in a room.

Internal Cleansing

Rubbing Hyssop on the shoulders helps reduce the tension from carrying emotional burdens. Using Hyssop on the lung reflex points of the hands and feet helps break up congestion produced by inwardly grieving. Massaging with deep pressure into the colon reflex points of the hands and feet helps release stagnated energy from the colon and purges toxins from the physical body.

Caution - People with epileptics or high blood pressure should consult a health care professional before using Hyssop.

It helps to rid of past conditionings. It clears dense thought forms. It clears the aura and energy fields. It clears inward grieving. It breaks up blockages from the heart and lower chakras up to the throat to clear heart to throat.

In 1745 one writer suggested 18 different plants for the biblical Hyssop. While the exact variety may not be known, an antiseptic or cleansing property is suggested because it was employed in many purification rites. "Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." (Psalms 51:7)

The bushy, lavender-flowered Hyssop has a long history of use in medicine. It's mentioned many times in the Bible as a cleansing agent; Hippocrates used it to treat bronchitis; the Cheyenne prescribed it for colds and weakness and modern herbalists recommend it for a litany of conditions. Other Native Americans - including the Omaha and Dakota - have used Hyssop to make a sweet tea-like drink and to flavor foods.

Uses: Hyssop is sometimes touted as an ideal wintertime healer, recommended for coughs, colds, flu and even frostbite. Herbalists also use it to treat bruises, burns, arthritis, upset stomach, poor circulation and infection with lice and HIV.

Several people have suffered seizures after taking Hyssop's essential oil and animal studies show that high doses (equivalent to 10 drops a day or more in humans) can cause convulsions. Because of this risk, the herb is not recommended for pregnant women.

Hyssop extracts killed bacteria - including E. coli - in lab studies. The oil was also effective against viruses, including HIV, in vitro, but these properties have yet to be demonstrated in humans.

Patchouli calmed the coughs around here! Also, Hyssop in a rectal implant will calm a cough in seconds. Jessica Wild

(What to use for hangovers) Hyssop when applied to the big toe on the right foot will help break addictions. The oil of abstinence works best. Bill

Hyssop - Hyssop aroma is believed to protect against pessimism and encourage clarity and balance.


Galbanum (Ferula gummosa) was used for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. It is antimicrobial and supporting to the body. When combined with Frankincense and Sandalwood, its frequency increases dramatically. (And the Lord said unto Moses, Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha and galbanum; sweet spices with pure with Frankincense: Exodus 30:34).

Galbanum is anti-infectious, anti-bacterial. It is a wound healer. It helps keep one grounded, focused mentally. It's in the blend Gathering. Kids and teens take it before exams. Use Gathering with Clarity when studying, to help fracturing thought become grounded. Galbanum was used by Moses during the Plague because it was so anti-viral. It goes well with Frankincense. It goes well with Di-Gize for irritable bowel and with Melrose for Candida. It is a perfume on its own. It goes well with Lavender, Patchouly, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Myrrh for the skin.

Galbanum - (ferula gummosa) This oil allows for the shedding of old ideas and outdated behavior and attitudes, resulting in total surrender to the Creator. It sheds light on life's purpose and on the inner self. This oil may unveil sadness, wrongdoing, untruthfulness and crimes against the soul. It communicates with the deeper layers of self, allowing for gradual unfolding of truth. It is used to balance extreme or intense emotions.

Galbanum has a sesquiterpene level of 11%. This oil is the main ingredient in the blend Gathering because it aligns the brain with a person's spiritual purpose. Galbanum was Moses’ favorite oil.

Distance Healing

Testimonial by N.H. Reiki practitioner and Massage Therapist: "I put Galbanum on my hands when I was doing a long distance Reiki session. I became very aware of the physical presence of the person I was working on. I could feel her liver, spleen and lungs very clearly, as if the person was actually in the room with me. This has happened on a few different occasions. Something about Galbanum oil is very deep and very ancient."

It helps to maintain focus. It pulls energies together. It maintains group consciousness. Surrendering oil.

This oil has a pungent, balsamic odor. "And the Lord said unto Moses, Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and Onycha and Galbanum; these sweet spices with pure Frankincense: of each there shall be a like weight." (Exodus 30:34)

The galbanum plant has a unique way of responding to injury. If any of its branches are bruised or torn off, it releases its own healing resin that helps repair the damage. This resin can be a powerful healer for your body. Historically, Galbanum was used as a holy anointing oil, perfume and in various medicines. Today, it is used to treat acne, asthma, coughs, indigestion, muscle aches and pains, wrinkles and wounds as well as to balance emotions.

Many people find the scent of Galbanum Oil very intense and occasionally, unpleasant. If Galbanum seems too strong for your senses, try mixing it with another oil that has a subtler scent, like Orange or Lemon.


Spain and England have the only 2 distillers that distill Frankincense. Dr. Young will be starting distillation later this year. Oman has the best Frankincense in the world and it has been almost impossible to get lately. It contains 72% alphapinenes, the highest in the world. In past centuries the Frankincense Trail originated in Oman.

Frankincense is the great oil for cancer. It alleviates depression. Mixed with camel dung it will grow hair. One can put it with any oil that exists and it will make that oil more powerful. Gary Young

Frankincense - (boswellia carteri) Sometimes called olibanum. This sweet protector of the heavens operates far beyond the auric field, in the light realms. It is adaptogenic - it will adapt to a person's spiritual state of being. Holding the wisdom of the ages, it waits for what is asked of it and can do all that may be required. If it encounters malevolent energies attached to a person, it has the authority and power to assist in the removal of all that is unwanted.

In the cases of spiritual shock or loss, when the spirit can step out of the body, Frankincense can gently ease us back to our earthly home.

Frankincense helps each of us connect to that part of ourselves, which is eternal and divine. It is one of the most ancient of the incenses, having been in use for at least 3,000 years.

Frankincense increases oxygenation, which increases the life force in the physical body. Frankincense has the ability to deepen and slow the breath and this helps to bring body and mind into a meditative state. It helps break ties with the past, especially when they block personal growth. Use it in baths with the conscious intention of "washing away" any old ties, which feel like a hindrance.

An important oil for anointing the dying and keeping the soul connected to its Divine presence. It is an excellent for the 6th Chakra, assisting in altering perception of truth and promoting clairvoyance. The crown and heart chakras also expand, as new realities are perceived. The light body enlarges as new realities and dimensions are experienced.

Frankincense has a sesquiterpene level of 8-11%. Can help with memory. Opens the 3rd Eye for connection. Can be used for tumors, along with Lavender and Brain Power. Helps clear away fogs. The Hebrew word for Frankincense, levonah (sometimes translated as "incense"), is in the Bible 22 times. "Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense with all powders of the merchant?" (Song of Solomon 3:6)

One of the oldest and most revered essential oils, Frankincense is considered the "holy anointing oil" in the Middle East and has been used to treat every conceivable ill known to man. In ancient times, Frankincense was valued more than gold and only those with wealth and abundance possessed it. This oil was well known during the time of Christ and was one of the gifts given to him at birth. Today, Frankincense is used therapeutically in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research. A sweet, warm, balsamic aroma, Frankincense stimulates the mind and elevates the spirit.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) was valued more than gold during ancient times and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. It is considered a holy anointing oil in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Containing sesquiterpenes, Frankincense helps oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands, which stimulate and elevate the mind, for overcoming stress and despair. Frankincense is presently being studied for its ability to help improve HGH (human growth hormone) receptivity. It relieves depression, builds immune function and is anti-tumoral. In ancient times, it was known for its anointing and healing powers and was reportedly used to treat every conceivable ill known to man.

Frankincense:(Boswellia carteri)- ORAC 630. The historical data on Frankincense has been known through out history. It has also been known as Olibanum. or Oil from Lebanon. The name Frankincense is derived from the Medieval French word for real incense. Frankincense is considered the "holy anointing oil" in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It was well known during the time of Christ for its anointing and healing powers and was one of the gifts given to Christ at His birth. "Used to treat every conceivable ill know to man," Frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. It is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, Ebers Papyrus (dating from sixteenth century BC) and ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes.

Medical Properties are anti-tumoral, immuno-stimulant, antidepressant and muscle relaxing. The uses are for depression, cancer, respiratory infections, inflammation and for immune-stimulating. The fragrant influences increase spiritual awareness, promotes mediation, improves attitude and uplifts spirits.

Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system of the brain (the center of memory and emotions) and the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master gland of the human body, producing many vital hormones including thyroid and growth hormone. There are 52 biblical reference about Frankincense

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) is considered a holy anointing oil in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Containing sesquiterpenes, it helps stimulate the limbic part of the brain, which elevates the mind, helping to overcome stress and despair.

Frankincense was common and popular in ancient times because it was so effective. It cured "every disease from gout to broken head" (quoted from Scripture) - Everything today from arthritis to cancer. The brownish resin is the most common, the purest is white - called Hojary. They steam distill the oil from the crystal resin. Frankincense was referred to as manna; believed to sustain life and believed to drive away evil deities of disease (we call it immune function). It stimulates the pituitary, which produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which stimulates the immune system. It is now being looked at by several universities. Somalia is the primary area for acquiring Frankincense today.

Frankincense Compresses and/or Ginger Compresses.

Application for Oils - Choose either Ginger or Frankincense. You can use both, but only do one at a time. You need 1 hot wet towel, 1 dry towel and 3-6 drops Frankincense or Ginger. Apply oil directly to area where tumors are located. In this particular case, put over the bladder. Place the wet hot towel over the oil. Place the dry towel over the wet towel. Relax or meditate for 15 minutes. Remove compress and reheat the wet hot towel (microwave is perfect for this). Reapply oil if needed. Apply towels for another 15 minutes. Keep doing this for as long as you like. I shrunk a 6 cm bowel tumor to 4 cm in 4 weeks using Frankincense compresses every day for 2 hours. Yes, I said CENTImeter - about the size of a baseball. It also saved me from a colostomy bag, thanks YLEO.

Frankincense repairs DNA and prevents breakdown of it, aging is NOT a requirement for death. Gary Young


Hi Karla (seizures at 1 month)
The first thing that hit me is to say Frankincense! Coat that little angel's head, back of his neck, the brainstem and the two big toes at the top with it particularly on the right side. I wonder if he could be having little mini strokes or blood clots happening. Helichrysum is beneficial for blood to soak back into the tissues. If that was my child I would take it slowly with the oils but I sure as hecks becks wouldn't be shy with them. Valor would be good to go up and down the spine. I would do that at least 3 times a day. Some hard praying on this end for that little muffin. Carol

Frankincense is one of the most powerful and broad ranging of the oils. Its anti-tumoral properties support our immunological systems, making it an important element in virtually all of the oil recipes for fighting cancer, while it's high sesquiterpene content enables it to pass through the blood brain barrier, where it may effectively oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands and thus, may alleviate "brain fog". This has far-reaching implications for diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gerhig’s Disease and Alzheimer's Disease. Further, this biblical holy oil has a high vibrational rate, which may increase spiritual awareness and meditation.

The physical applications for this oil run the gamut from A to almost Z, and include: Aging, Allergies, Bites (insect and snake), Bronchitis, Cancer, Carbuncles, Catarrh, Colds, Coughs, Diarrhea, Diphtheria, Eye-Sight, Gonorrhea, Headaches, Healing, Hemorrhaging, Herpes, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Jaundice, Laryngitis, Meningitis, Nervous Conditions, Prostate, Problems, Pneumonia, Respiratory Problems, Scarring (Prevents), Sciatic Pain, Sores, Spiritual Awareness, Staph, Strep, Stress, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Tension, Tonsillitis, Typhoid, Wounds and Warts.


Hi everyone
I would like to share an account of a woman who deals with severe breathing problems. Attacks of these problems have sent her to the emergency room on more than one occasion, even having to leave work by way of the ambulance and she uses Prednisone and a machine that gives her albuterol. My friend works with her and she was getting very concerned about what this woman’s attacks would do, so she bought some Frankincense to her. During an attack, my friend gave this woman the Frankincense. She put some on her chest and inhaled it a little. Her attack stopped and very soon after she coughed up a great deal of loose "junk" from her lungs which she typically struggles with for much longer and even often has to have other people do pulmonary "pounding" on her back to help her. She also typically has to use her machine, which she often brings to work with her. With the Frankincense none of that was needed. My friend, who has seen this woman struggle to the point that she would actually be afraid for her life, could not believe her eyes. The woman is now using the Frankincense regularly and is using her Prednisone and machine much, much less and is feeling so much better. This is the kind of story that brings joy to my heart and gratitude that so many people can be helped in a way they never knew they could be. Love and light, Maureen

Hi Stephanie
I remember at a training class years ago with Gary Young he gave us a protocol for asthma and in his words he said if you have asthma this will rock your world! He told us to take a capsule and put 10 drops of Frankincense and 15 drops of RC and insert it into the rectum for an overnight retention before you go to sleep. Obviously it will take two capsules to fit this amount of oil. He said that this is a very powerful way to get the oils into the colon and the whole system. Hope this will be helpful for you and others with this situation. I would love to hear if this works because I have two friends with asthma who just won't try it. Blessings, Julie

Thought I would add our newest conquest to the brain cancer scene. I have a patient: Jason. He was a 12-year old with a rare form of brain cancer when his grandmother called me. They had said from the start that this form of cancer is very quick and very deadly, NO ONE ever lasted period and gave him about 4 more months. They did the radiation and chemo anyway. And all along grandmom was doing some alternative stuff - Essiac tea being the most consistent.

After the work up I suggested VitaGreen and Frankincense along with the immune builders (SulfurZyme and ImmuPower and ImmuTune) Radex and Chelex. That has been 2 years ago now and still no sign of the cancer. The doctors are amazed, but of course think it was something they did, which is strange as the last treatment they did on him they said take him home and make him comfortable this is all we can do.

The consistent thing she did was keep his head wet with Frankincense, usually every hour or so, and give him VitaGreen (instead of a "yucky" green drink which was hard to get him to drink). The other stuff she did a lot, but not on as consistent basis. We are now building up his immune system. Docpam

Varicose Veins

Frankincense works really well for varicose veins. Just mix some with one of the YL lotions and rub on your legs. I had a woman use it that has had varicose veins for at least 40 years and they just gradually went away. Karen

I have a customer who bought Frankincense for her eyes to get rid of floaters. She mixes the Frankincense in a lotion, which she would rub around her eyes and then inhale from her hands. Then she rubbed her legs and her very severe case of varicose veins have reduced in size and have almost disappeared. So I think it would work for spider veins.


…Another wonderful oil for depression is Frankincense. When I heard Gary speak recently, he could not say enough about it for alleviating this. I have been experimenting with this myself and have felt great using it. It is an anointing oil and I treat it as such. I anoint my children as they sleep and do the same for myself. It takes me to another world as I drift off. I believe that the quality of our dreams as we sleep, as well as the quality of our sleep, affects us throughout our day. It makes such a difference in my life. Love, Lisa

A Growth on Shoulder

I'm a physician with a special interest in nutritional medicine and I noticed about six weeks ago that I had this growth that appeared on my shoulder that was raised up and looked kind of puffy, about a half centimeter across. It just stayed there. I kept an eye on it. I was concerned that it might need to be biopsied. I've had a lot of sun exposure on my back over the years and so I was concerned about the possibility of skin cancer developing. We tried some Frankincense and Lavender on it and in a couple of days it had flattened down and turned into a kind of a freckle. A week later it was completely gone. So, I was certainly impressed with the speed with which it responded and the fact that it just disappeared completely. Scott A., San Rafael, CA

Because of the benefits I have had with Frankincense and my vision and assisting when upset and in a quandary, I would use Frankincense. It helps on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Also with the 'others' in hospitals, I would say prayers and use Frankincense. Christine

I love Frankincense in the back of the throat for a cough! I just drop two or three drops into the very back of my throat and no cough for an hour or two! Myrrh works great too, and so does Melrose. Bottom line, experiment! My kids like Thieves (about 10-15 drops) in two ounces of water. We use it like we used to use Chloraseptic and Oragel – for teething, sore mouths, coughs, tickles in the throat, etc. Let us know if any of it works. I am always fascinated to see if the things that work for my family work for others! Jessica Wild

Frankincense - a must because of the higher risk of cancer after being on anti depressant drug.

Tumor in Kitten's Eye

Ann and All
I only know that I have a very young kitten that developed what must have been a fast growing tumor in one eye. I've never used oils on such small kittens before but figured I didn't have anything to lose. I put Frankincense on my finger and wiped it around the eye socket about 4 times a day. The next day part of the tumor broke off and the rest gradually diminished and within probably 4 days it was all gone. Best wishes, Carol Faust

Muscle Soreness

I've had two experiences with Frankincense Oil I want to tell you about. This past winter has taken a great toll on my biceps muscles by stressing and straining and spraining them all by shoveling snow by hand. With all the snow we had, I had to shovel snow for three straight days including at work. My driveway was the other. Well after shoveling all that snow, my arms (Biceps) developed a soreness that would not go away. So from January to now I've had pain.

However in April I ordered Frankincense Oil and applied it to my biceps. To my surprise, the pain started to go away! As of now I still feel some pain but the oil has helped heal my arms!

Herniated Disc

I have a herniated disc that acts up every now and then. When I had the last bout of pain and stress there, I applied Frankincense oil to that disc. Again to my surprise, the healing of that spot increased to just a few days opposed to weeks. These oils are fantastic.
Your friend, Pete P

Tumor in Neck

Jacqueline and Joyous Ones
I have a client who has a tumor in his neck, which limited his range of motion and gave him serious headaches every day. He started using Frankincense on his feet and on the tumor. Two days later he told me that he could move his head better. He was very excited because the morning after he first applied the oil to his feet he awoke without a headache for the first time in ages.

He was scheduled for an MRI three days after he began using the Frankincense so he had a good baseline to judge the efficacy of the oil on the tumor. Three weeks later he had another MRI and the tumor had shrunk 50%. Naturally the doctor did not credit the oil. Also, this man was using no other form of treatment except for the oil. Pretty Cool, Lauren Martin

Prevention of Breast Cancer

I learned from Dr. Young several years ago that if I anoint my breasts with Frankincense one day and alternate the next with Lavender and keep doing this each day, I will never have to worry about having breast cancer develop. April Travis

Frankincense is the best oil for cancer. It alleviates depression. Mixed with camel dung it will grow hair. You can put it with any oil that exist and it will make that oil more powerful.

Persistent Cough

Hello Joy group
What has really helped me a lot with persistent coughing, aside from the RC and Raven, is to put a drop of Frankincense on my little finger and put it on my tongue. The coughing stops in just a few seconds. I hope this is helpful to you. Caroline

Tumor in Dog

I have used different oils for years and I love them. My husband who is very skeptical did not want to use them. He does not even use aspirin, therefore I was not surprised at all. My friend has been using your oils and she has found them to be really helpful. Our dog, who is 15 years old and is in good shape had a cancerous tumor removed from her spine in April. Afterwards she was fine and could walk again. In August we noticed a large tumor on the side of her belly and she had trouble walking. I did not want her to be operated on again and I started using Frankincense. Three times a day I rubbed the tumor with the oil and in three days it was half the size. The dog was walking again and within a week the tumor was completely gone. And guess who is a believer! You guessed it, my husband. I am using the oils now for his asthma and my grandchildren when they have hurts, come to me for Lavender. Keep up the good work." Goly Van Orden

Lung Expectorant

Frankincense is an expectorant and is anti-catarrhal.
…This is why Frankincense is so great is breaking down obstructions in the body, as well as other things - i.e. very high frequency. Use on the crown chakra - third eye (helps to communicate with God). Also due to high sesquiterpene count, it breaks through the blood-brain barrier and cuts back on brain fog (ie. Lou Gerhig’s disease - MS - Parkinson's - Alzheimer’s). Besides placing the oil on our forehead, third eye, crown of head, place a drop on the tip of your tongue and hold it to the roof of your mouth! Your colleague, Kara Harman

Immune Buider

Medical indications for Frankincense include asthma, depression and gastric ulcers. It helps stimulate and elevate the mind and contributes to the body’s ability to overcome stress and despair. It also is known to help the immune system. It has been used by many for help with allergies, insect and snake bites, bronchitis, cancer, respiratory infections, headaches, herpes virus infections, high blood pressure, inflammation and stress. It is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier, which is believed to be responsible for much of its direct action on the brain. It enhances the activity of leukocytes, which assists in the body's defense against infections. Dr. Paul

Calming the Nerves

I have used this wonderful oil for many things. Over my mothers cancerous toe, her curving spine, on my fathers MS problems, my husbands moles, my puppy's sores on his leg when he couldn't walk. And the one time I really remember using this special oil I was very stressed out with our move, things weren't going that great and I felt I was going to explode as I had NO CONTROL over the things going on in my life since I had hired outside help. I had screamed and my rage was so bad, that I walked into the bedroom and I just picked up the bottle of Frankincense and began pouring it over my head, 6 drops from the forehead to the back of my head. I remember listening to one of Gary's tapes, which said, "sometimes it’s NOT where you put the oils, just get them on you." And this is what I did. I sat down, drank some water and took about 10 deep breathes and I was TOTALLY relaxed. I think the moving truck could have run over me and I wouldn't have cared at that point. Thank you, God for the wonderful gift of Frankincense and thank you YL for making the great oil. Blessings to you! Lisa

Balsam and Frankincense are major cancer fighters.

Frankincense was common and popular in ancient times because it was so effective. It cured "every disease from gout to broken head". It cures everything today from arthritis to cancer.

The brownish resin is the most common, the purest is white is called Hojary. They steam distill the oil from the crystal resin. Frankincense was referred to as manna, believed to sustain life and believed to drive away evil deities of disease (we call it immune function). It stimulates the pituitary, which produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which stimulates the immune system. It is now being looked at by several universities. Primary area for acquiring Frankincense today: Somalia.

Tumors & Lungs

Frankincense was worth double its weight in jewels in the Middle East. And well it should be. It has shown powerful effects in getting rid of tumors and related problems in those sicknesses that cause tumors or where tumors are often symptoms. It is great for emotional upset and it is also in Dr. Friedman's lung congestion and infection formula (and good for pneumonia) that someone wonderfully recently sent us again on JoyGroup. I think Frankincense is one of those all time magic healing substances. I take a drop once or twice a day by a health care professionals suggestion because it is also good for the liver. Didi Cooperman

Frankincense and Balsam Oil are our two most powerful oils!

There is a shrub in Puerto Rico with resin that resembles Frankincense, so we have a variation that grows in our climate that will reduce hypertension and regulate blood pressure and heart beat.

I started putting Frankincense on my chest before going to bed at night and inhaling it and applying it anytime I started to cough or feel tightness in my chest. Before my Frankincense days began, I was taking a nebulizer with toxic medication 2 – 3 times a day and was so dependent on it that it went with me everywhere I went, to the store, to church, to work. I have been using Frankincense religiously since December 2003. It is now March 2004 and I had a pulmonology test last week. I tested at 102% large airway lung capacity and 99% blood oxygen. Frankincense is my most prized oil and the one I always have with me. I had 90% scarring in one lung from several bouts with pneumonia and the doctors were amazed that my lung has "regenerated" itself so that most of the scar tissue is gone. When they asked what I had been doing, I told them I changed my diet, used Frankincense oil and weaned myself from my medications. The looks on their faces were priceless. I went from a beloved patient (after all, they did see me quite frequently) to "one of those alternative health weirdoes" in about three seconds!

Blindness Cured

At birth there were complications which had led to blindness in both eyes, P.R. and M.D. in the right eye. When I heard about the Young Living Oils I was willing to try anything. I started using Frankincense, rubbing it on my upper eye lids and back of my neck. Plus what enhanced it even more I used a hot pack for 15 minutes. It has been a miracle for me. In less than a week I started seeing light and color. Six weeks later I was able to get my day time drivers license back. And to make even better I had help finding a part time job. I want to give a big THANKS to Young Living. Michael S. Lewis

Pain Relief

I took a job as an apprentice on a printer. Never did anything like it before, which made things awkward. In the process I ran over my foot with a metal jack. My toe turned many colors. One night the pain was so intense despite my efforts to just put up with it I no longer could, so I took a chance. I got the Frankincense out put it on. The pain stopped. Tom

Bump on Head

When my grandson took a hard hit on the head and a bump immediately raised, Frankincense took the bump down and there were no more residual effects. Obviously, it took more than a couple of drops of oil, but the point is there was no bleeding, no headache, no after effects of the trauma.

Research on the Medline website lists Frankincense reduces the hormone Cortisol (the death Hormone) by 40% just by inhaling it. Gary Young


Cypress improves circulation and relieves spasms and swelling. Cypress also helps heal damaged tissue. It not only improves the action of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, it reduces edema (swelling), cellulite, varicose veins and water retention. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antimicrobial, mucolytic, antiseptic and relaxing. It may help improve the cardiovascular system to improve the circulation as well as help relieve other lymphatic and capillary problems. Cypress is one of the oils used most for the circulatory system.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is one of the oils most used for the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It may help with edema, cellulite, varicose veins and water retention. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antimicrobial, mucolytic, antiseptic, refreshing and relaxing. It may help improve the cardiovascular system and circulation as well as help relieve other lymphatic and capillary problems.

Cypress increases the integrity of the blood vessel walls, so in this way it can help prevent spider veins and hemorrhoids. Always use Cypress with injury. Gary Young

Though Cypress might be familiar from your favorite air freshener or aftershave, its appeal is much more than just aesthetic. Ancient healers used Cypress oil to treat arthritis, laryngitis, swollen scar tissue and cramps. Today Cypress is used to promote emotional well-being in times of loss or stress. It also stimulates the production of white blood cells and boosts natural defenses. It is generally massaged along the spine, on armpits and feet and over the heart and chest.

Source: David Stewart
Cypress - (cupressus sempervirens) Cypress is helpful in times of transition such as career changes, moving homes, menopause and major spiritual decisions. Cypress also helps with painful transitions such as bereavement or the ending of close relationships. Cypress has frequencies that are in transition between the physical and spiritual (etheric plane), which is why it can be used to give strength and comfort at the time of death.

Cypress helps reestablish the ability to flow with life without the anxiety of deciding what the next step is or how it will unfold. It offers strength and energetic protection to those who are vulnerable and insecure or have lost their purpose. It can be used to move on from a situation.

Using Cypress on the spleen point under the left rib cage clears blockages in energy flow and supports better assimilation of food. Cypress massaged into the abdominal and colon area releases stagnant energy beliefs in that area.

Energetically, Cypress disconnects spleen energy attachments. Cords and attachments are created between people through the over-empathizing. This is often the case for healers and will deplete the healer's energy. Also, many emotional caretakers are empathetic. Making people feel better is all they know how to do, not realizing the karmic implications of their actions. Many people are unconscious empathic receivers and they take on other people's realities and ailments without realizing what they are doing.

Empaths must make a conscious effort to practice Divine Right Use of empathy. When Divine Right Use is in effect, empathic abilities can provide very important diagnostic information about the energy denied or repressed in the unconscious mind or emotional body. Divine Right Use employs appropriate empathizing energy and stays connected only as long as needed for interpreting information and then it consciously fully disengages. It is up to the individual needing healing to decide how or how not to act upon the knowledge an empath imparts. This keeps the empathic receiver from forming karmic bonds.

Cypress is good for anything in access. It is very grounding. It is a balancer of the female system and is often combined with Clary Sage for hot flashes and is used to reduce or inhibit ovarian cysts. This is good for aiding with the natural flow of things. Good with the transition of dying and with grieving.

This oil is extracted from the Cypress tree, which has wood so durable that the Cypress doors of St. Peter's in Rome who no sign of decay even after 1,200 years. "He heweth him down cedars, and taketh the cypress and the oak, which he strengtheneth for himself among the trees of the forest." (Isaiah 44:14)

Peripheral Arterial Disease

My mother has peripheral arterial disease, resulting in severe blockage of lower extremity veins. She had bypass surgery several years ago, but the swelling in her feet and legs continued. Her doctor prescribed Plavix to help circulation, but it made her very ill. I sent her a bottle of Cypress with instructions to mix several drops in V6 Massage Oil and apply to legs and feet. She used it before bedtime the day she received it and when she awoke the next morning the swelling was almost gone. She is now using Cypress as well as Helichrysum and Clove. Circulation has improved greatly and swelling is virtually nonexistent. Linda Chandler

Circulation and Emotions

I have the highest regard for the powers of Cypress, not only for the physical help it imparts to the body to help circulation, but also for far more subtle and intangible healings with emotions and feelings. I recently bumped into a wrought iron pole that had no right being where it was on the sidewalk. I sustained a very hard blow to my thigh and in spite of it being an area of good insulation where body fat is concerned, I could've hit the ceiling with pain. Barely able to walk for a few minutes, I composed myself and found the nearest bench. Out came my oils - Lavender and Cypress. Both helped ease the pain and aid in the healing of a massive, black bruise that was witness to not looking where I was going.

Bloody and Crying

Just wanted to share my amazing experience with Cypress oil. Last night my children were jumping on the trampoline together. My 3 year old accidentally bumped into my 14 month old, giving him a bloody nose. He was screaming and crying and the blood was flowing everywhere! I called to my husband, telling him what was going on. He came running with the Cypress and put a drop neet onto the outside of our son's nose. (On the side that was bleeding.) Within 30 seconds (literally) the bleeding had stopped and he was no longer crying. I cleaned the blood off of him and me and set him down. He went off on his merry way, back outside to play with his sister none the worse for the wear. How do parents raise children without these oils? I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for that oil. Krista

Emotional Loss

…I chose Cypress to help ease the feelings of loss of her husband of 44 years and also to help her come to terms with related feelings of emotional trauma and shock. It was literally within seconds that she began to weep, trying hard to control the tears that were so long overdue.

Blood Vessel Walls

Since you mentioned bruising, I want to mention that Cypress is very helpful in strengthening capillary walls and Helichrysum helps to speed the reabsorption of the blood that has collected in the tissue.

Cypress increases the integrity of the blood vessel walls, so in this way it can help prevent spider veins and hemorrhoids. Always use Cypress with injury.

The oils that are generally helpful with reducing swelling are Cypress, Tangerine, Helichrysum and Lemongrass.

We use Cypress with great success to remove those ugly red spots caused by bruising and broken capillaries close to the skin. My husband's skin is really thin and he gets those spots very easily. Hope this might help.

Cypress is wonderful as it enhances the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and waste at the capillary level. This is really where all of the action is taking place in the circulatory system. Jeane

Cypress - increases circulation, strengthens connective tissue and relieves cramps  

Dear Shawn
Use lots of Cypress Oil. It builds blood corpuscles, especially the white cells. Apply it on the skin, breathe it and take capsules of it. It will accelerate the rebuilding of your immune system after chemo has destroyed it. The doctors will be amazed at the speed of recovery from chemo when Cypress Oil is used like this. David Stewart

Relieves Snoring

Hi Oilers
I had to share that I may have found the answer to my husband's snoring. A couple of weeks ago I searched the archives and found some testimonials for what has worked for others for snoring. But these things didn't work for my husband or were minimally effective. Peppermint in a glass of water didn't work. Thyme or Valor on the bottom of the feet didn't work. He found temporary relief gargling with Thieves mouthwash, but the effect wore off after a couple of hours.

But last night he was snoring so bad, as he also has a bit of a cold and was over-exhausted from work. I put Cypress on his throat gland area. I did this as I recently heard on a tape to put it over swollen glands when you are sick. His gland weren't swollen (that I knew of) but I tried it for the snoring and it worked wonderfully! He slept so quietly that I had to wonder if he was still alive (just kidding)! Linda Meadows


Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) is one of the oils with high sesquiterpenes which can stimulate the limbic part of the brain (the center of our emotions). This conifer oil has been used by North American Indians to enhance spiritual awareness and communication. It also may help stimulate the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, a hormone that enhances deep sleep.

Cedarwood - (cedrus atlantica) Steadiness and balance is the message of the spirit of Cedarwood. It is the spirit of integrity, of stability, of solidarity in all things. It has qualities that are often needed when the spirit is weakened by too much, loving too hard and being unable to forgive. It encourages the strength we need to continue on our pathway and urges us to hold fast to our dreams, helping bring our hopes to reality.

Inhaling Cedarwood relaxes and over-analytical mind. Use Cedarwood before and after business meetings to generate greater clarity, to quickly perceive the core issue or to get to the point. Cedarwood has a purifying energy that helps to release emotional toxins lodged in the subtle bodies. Cedarwood aligns the heart chakra of the mental body to the physical and allows the experience of just being. Cedarwood stimulates memories of feeling true spiritual love and generates feelings of being totally secure and protected by that love.

Cedarwood has been used since time immemorial in civilizations as diverse as Egypt and Tibet. It is still actively used in Tibetan medicine and as a meditation aid by Tibetan Buddhists and others. It is thought to enhance spirituality and strengthen our connection with the Divine. Cedarwood was used in the construction of temples to symbolize this.

Cedarwood oil is a powerful mucolytic (i.e. it breaks up catarrh) and we can see parallels in its subtle uses - helping us to cut through the "mental catarrh" that can clog our minds just as surely as the physical variety clogs our noses.

The "Cedar" which Native American Indians use in purification ceremonies 'smudging' is in fact a form of Juniper.

Sesquiterpene contents is 98%.

Can be used as an underarm deodorant. It has a scent that men like.

This oil is most effective with ADD children. It helps stabilize Beta/Theta waves.

From the mighty "Cedars of Lebanon" came the fragrant and long lasting wood used to build Solomon's temple. "And he spake of trees, from the cedar tree that is in Lebanon even unto the Hyssop that springeth out of the wall." (1 Kings 4:33)

Mildly antiseptic, Cedarwood may be effective against hair loss (alopecia areata), tuberculosis, bronchitis, gonorrhea and skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis. It can reduce hardening of artery walls. It is high in sesquiterpenes which can stimulate the limbic region of the brain (the center of our emotions). It also may help stimulate the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, an antioxidant hormone associated with deep sleep.

Throughout antiquity, Cedarwood has been used in medicines and cosmetics. The Egyptians used it for embalming the dead. It was used as both a traditional medicine and incense in Tibet. It is recognized for its calming, purifying properties and is used to benefit the skin and underlying tissues.

Cedarwood may help with acne, anxiety, arthritis, congestion, coughs, cystitis, dandruff, psoriasis, purification, respiratory system, sinusitis, skin diseases and fluid retention. It may help open the pineal gland. It also helps to reduce skin oiliness.

Cedarwood was used traditionally in ritual cleansing after touching unclean animals or anything else considered biblically "unclean" such as the bedding of someone who had died. Cedarwood has a history of use by cultures around the world for embalming, as a disinfectant, for personal hygiene and to heal skin ailments. Today, Cedarwood Oil is used as an insect repellant and hair-loss treatment and to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, gonorrhea, acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders. Cedarwood has the highest concentration of sesquiterpenes, a substance found in plants that can help deliver oxygen to your cells.

Natural Melatonin

Hi All
The BIG GUN for those of us that have difficulty sleeping is Cedarwood! It helps to release natural Melatonin. I put 2 or 3 drops into the palm of my left hand then rotate my right palm on it in a clockwise motion, then cup my hands over my nose and mouth and inhale deeply! By the time I have inhaled about 8 times, I'm ready to go to sleep! I sleep through the night with this. All the best, Sandy


My mother and I have used Cedarwood for balance and Tangerine for dizziness when I had a viral condition that caused this type of feeling. I have my mom (89 years) use Cedarwood several times a day for assisting her balance. We put this behind the ears and down the side of the neck behind the ear. Works wonders. Joe Futterer

Dry Cough

Awhile back my granddaughter was visiting and she had a dry cough while she was sleeping. It wasn't keeping her awake, but it was keeping me awake. I rolled her over and put RC on her back, but that didn't do it. Then I tried Cedarwood. That worked, it must have relaxed her enough so she didn't respond to the dry tickle in her throat. I use Cedarwood myself to help with sleeping. Take care, Amanda

Possible uses from: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless, Element Books, 1995.

Circulation, muscles and joints. Used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

Emotions/mind and nervous system: sedative, relieves anxiety, worry, nervous tension and stress-related disorders. It soothes fears, comforts, helpful in depression, grounding and strengthening. It improves concentration. Great for meditation. For relief of irrationality and mental obsession. For PMS.

Genito/urinary tract: Can be used in the treatment of cystitis and thrush. It stimulates the production urine and menstrual blood. For pruritis.

Respiratory: Used for flu, bronchitis, catarrh and respiratory disorders.

Skin/hair: Combats decay. Used for acne, dermatitis, eczema, cellulite and fungal infections. It normalizes both dry and oily skin and hair. It is used in hair care to treat dandruff and hair loss. For skin eruptions and ulcers. Insect repellent.

Actions: Antiseptic, anti-putrescent, anti-seborrheic, aphrodisiac, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, mucolytic, sedative (nervous), stimulant (circulatory), tonic.


Myrtle (Myrtus communis) may help normalize hormonal imbalances of the thyroid and ovaries. It may help the respiratory system with chronic coughs and tuberculosis. Myrtle is suitable to use for coughs and chest complaints with children and may support immune function infighting cold, flu and infectious disease.

Myrtle (myrtus communis) - The fragrance of Myrtle allows entrance to the pure and absolute, where ego has no entrance, where all is One and One becomes all. Its spirit is truth, forgiveness and Divine love that embraces all living beings. Myrtle balances the inner male and female traits and achieves harmony by resolving internal conflict and confusion. In ancient times, the Myrtle tree embodied the Sumerian Mother of Heaven, Marienna. The Goddess Aphrodite also was represented by this tree. Myrtle helps us understand the impermanent nature of matter. Once we understand this, it resolves the conflict between the Soul's immortality and the personality's impatience.

This oil is helpful with allergies because it helps us gain insight into the something or someone that we are irritated with.

Myrtle has been researched by Dr. Penoel for normalizing hormonal imbalances of the thyroid and ovaries. It balances hypothyroidism. It is also a liver stimulant and may release anger.

It represents Divine feminine energy. The Myrtle Tree is related to the Mother of Heaven. It releases anger that is withheld in the liver.

Myrtle branches are still used by the Jews for the Feast of Tabernacles. "Go forth unto the mount, and fetch olive branches, and pine branches, and myrtle branches, and palm branches, and branches of thick trees, to make booths, as it is written." (Nehemiah 8:15)

Myrtle supports the respiratory system and helps treat chronic coughs and tuberculosis. It is suitable to use for coughs and chest complaints with children. It’s antispasmodic, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hormone-like, cortisone-like general tonic, stimulates thymus and releases emotional blocks.


I have found that Endo Flex 3-6 drops under the tongue at night, a drop of Endo Flex and Myrtle on the thyroid and under each big toe on the thyroid reflex point along with the Thyromin helps to balance the thyroid. Nancy

I use Myrtle on the base of the big toe on each foot and all around the joint area where the big toe connects to the foot. In Reflexology, the reflex area for the thyroid gland is at the base of the big toe (all around it) and the area between the toe and the arch of the foot that is directly under the big toe is a "helper area" for the thyroid. I then take what is left on my hands and rub my neck where the thyroid gland actually is. I start with 3 drops of Myrtle. Grace Hays

Water in Ears

I was having a lot of problems with my ears. The doctor said I had water trapped in them. He couldn't tell me how it happened but gave me sample medication. I told him I would try the oils first as usual and he was agreeable. I used Myrtle on my little finger and put it on the inside of the ear and down my neck on the Eustachian tubes. The ringing stopped in a few days and when I went back to the doctor he said the water was gone. I continued the Myrtle application for about two weeks. Hope this helps. Evelyn Vance


Try Myrtle on the palm sides of your fingers. Use it as often as needed. It is great for sinus stuff and allergies. Geranium is also great for allergies, same location. Joe Futterer


Onycha Styrax benzoin is very thick and dark reddish brown and gives an ice-cream aroma. Like Myrrh and Frankincense, Onycha has been used for thousands of years as an ingredient of incense. It is both soothing and stimulating. It is also very warming and this makes it particularly helpful for colds, flu, coughs and sore throats. Also use for inhalation for sore throats and loss of voice. It seems to 'get things moving' in the body, whether it is clearing mucus, stimulating the circulation, expelling gas or increasing the flow of urine. It is very comforting for griping pains in the stomach and for urinary tract infections.

Used also for healing many kinds of skin lesions, from cracked and chapped hands and toes. Blends well with other oils like Lemon and Lavender and Rose.

We have not used this oil a lot. We used a toothpick to get it out of the bottle. Loved it. Looks like it is time for us to do a little more experimenting. Thanks Nancy for asking the question. It made us listen to the tape again and study. Hope this helps all of you! Richard and Shauna Dastrup

Onycha (Styrax Benzoin) - (styrax benzoin) No matter what touches the spirit, the soul must be allowed to speak, to be able to penetrate to the core of being. This resin is the holder of the energies and fire of sunlight. It opens the heart and mind to receive gifts that have been denied. It allows the spirit to receive from the soul, in feeling, in knowing, in just being.

Onycha can be a pathway to understanding when all is confusion. It can assist in making choices with the heart. It can help guide us home to the inner sanctum of the soul.

Onycha tells us to not dismiss things that are difficult, but to hear the messages of the soul and be guided by them. It gives us peace and understanding on the pathway to inner enlightenment. It is a good oil for Spiritual Protection.

This is what I have on Onycha. Ancient Uses - Perfume, blended in holy anointing oils, comforting, soothing, uplifting, an ointment to heal skin wounds.
Modern Uses - Stimulates renal output, used for colic, flatulence, constipation-and may help control blood sugar levels. Inhaled for sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, coughs and sore throats. Anti-inflammatory, used for dermatitis and skin wounds. Relieves stress when used in massage.
Application - Inhaled, use in massage, applied topically, in wound dressings.  I hope that helps. Boel

Hi Shauna
Could you please tell me what you use "Onycha" for? I got it in one of my kits and cannot find it anywhere in any of the books for the use of it. Thanks Bunches, Nancy

Like Nancy we did not find ''Onycha'' in the Essential Oil Desk Reference. We have two bottles of it and to be honest with you, we appreciated Nancy bringing this to our attention. For those of you who have the 12 Ancient Oils of Scripture, you have this very valuable Essential Oil. We encourage all of you to get this kit and to listen to the enclosed tape by Dr. Young.Patricia Davis, "I use Benzoin (Onycha) to help people who are sad and lonely, depressed or anxious. We might perhaps see here an echo of its former use to 'cast out devils', for what are the devils of our time, if not such psychological states as these."

Onycha is a great comforter and acts like a shield against outside events and disturbances. It is beneficial to an irritated nervous system and balances the hormonal system.

Onycha was an ingredient in the holy anointing oil. And the Lord said unto Moses, Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and Onycha, and galbanum; these sweet spices with pure frankincense: of each there shall be a like weight." (Exodus 30:34)

The Miracle of Onycha Oil By David Stewart, PhD, DNM

Onycha is a Biblical oil mentioned in Exodus 30:34 as an ingredient in the Holy Incense to be diffused in temples of worship. Onycha oil (Styrax benzoin) is also a powerful antiseptic and facilitator of rapid healing. It goes by several common names including Friar's Balm and Javanese Frankincense. It is extracted from the resin of a tree that grows in the Far East, specifically in Indonesia.

For more than 200 years, hospitals have used an alcohol solution of this oil as their primary antiseptic. Dissolved in ethyl alcohol, it is called Benzoin or Tincture of Benzoin. It is the smell of this tincture that used to give hospitals their peculiar "hospital smell".

Following World War II, hospitals started to employ other antiseptics derived from petroleum that were less expensive. They are now discovering that bacteria can become resistant to these synthetic antiseptics, but do not become resistant to Tincture of Benzoin. Hence, many of today's hospitals are returning to the natural antiseptic of Benzoin realizing it is more effective and does not contribute toward the creation of resistant strains of virulent pathogens.

Resistant strains of bacteria are a major and growing problem in hospitals today resulting in thousands of deaths every year. Even visitors to hospitals can pick up these pathogens, which can be fatal. Even the most powerful antibiotics, such as vancomyacin and microcillin, do not kill these germs. The answer is to be found in natural products such as essential oils.

Chemistry of Onycha Oil

The chemical composition of Onycha oil is unique. It contains more organic acids than any other oil. These include benzoic and cinnamic acids. It also contains a compound named "vanillin aldehyde" which is a dominant compound in the beans of the vanilla plants of tropical South America (Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla aromatica). These are the source of the extract with the distinctive aroma and flavor of vanilla we love so much. A more complete analysis of Onycha oil is given in my book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple.

Onycha oil is an absolute, extracted from a tree resin by solvents, not by distillation. It is darkly colored and very thick. It will not usually pour through the small opening in the dropper cap of most essential oil bottles.

Open Wounds

A year or so ago, I was using a sharp knife and was not following the appropriate safety procedures nor common sense. The knife slipped and cut my left thumb down to the bone. It bled profusely. I first applied some Frankincense to stop the bleeding, which it did within a few minutes. Then I packed some Onycha oil, which is very viscous and thick, into the open wound. I did not use a bandage or Band-Aid or any other covering. I exposed the wound to sunlight a few times during the day and replenished the Onycha oil in the wound several times. The cut began to show signs of healing right away. It did not form a scab. Instead, the wound came together and the two sides began to knit together. It never got infected nor did it get sore. Within a week, it was totally healed with virtually no scar.

Another more dramatic example is with a friend of mine. He was using a power saw when he accidentally let his thumb get into the whirling blade which gouged out a chunk of flesh from the pad of his left thumb. He went to the hospital emergency room where they applied some antibiotics and other allopathic potions and bandaged it up. A few days later I saw him in church with his bandaged thumb. I mentioned that I had an oil that might help, but he was not interested. "I'll let the doctors take care of it," he said.

The next week at church, his thumb was still bandaged. When I asked him about it he said he had been back to the doctors several times, but the wound was not healing and was festering and getting worse. Again, I mentioned that maybe an essential oil would help. He was still not interested, his faith in allopathy still strong and intact.

Later that week, his wife approached me and asked if there was an oil that might help her husband's thumb to heal, that it was not getting any better and that the wound was still open, refusing to seal up and mend itself despite the fact they had applied all the medicines and done everything the doctors had prescribed. I told her about Onycha oil. She said she would gladly buy a bottle if I had some. Fortunately, I did have a partial bottle and sold it to her.

The next Sunday, he came to church with his wife. They were both smiling. "This stuff seems to work," he said. "My thumb is starting to heal. The wound is closed and it is not draining pus any more like it was." His wife went on to say that they had completely stopped using the prescription medications and were using only the oil. I told him to keep applying the Onycha, which he did.

Two weeks later he came to church with no bandage. "I can't believe how this thumb has healed up," he exclaimed. "Look," he said, "There is hardly any scar and the missing flesh gouged out of my thumb has grown back. I told my wife," he went on, "We need to get some more of that oil and keep it on hand."

How to Obtain Therapeutic Grade Onycha Oil

At this time, the only way I know to get Onycha oil is in the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit sold by Young Living. It is not available by itself. I do many programs on Healing Oils of the Bible each year and use a lot of these kits. Since Onycha Oil is so thick and does not easily pour from the bottle, when the other oils of the kit have run out, there is still lots of Onycha left in the bottle. So I save these and can keep a supply of Onycha on hand for emergencies and first aid whenever I need it.

Cut on Head

This fall I was feeding the horses in the dark and cut the top of my head about 3 inches up from the hairline on a piece of metal fencing. It hurt like the blazes and was bleeding from a shallow cut about ½ inch long. I went inside and let my hand hover over my oils and without knowing why, I reached for Onycha. I put it on the cut, (it stung). But as soon as I put the Onycha on it, I couldn¹t see the cut any longer. The blood and redness disappeared. Just for good measure, I then put Frankincense on it, followed by Rose Ointment. After the Frankincense, I couldn’t feel the cut, either. The next morning there was only slight tenderness when I brushed my hair. The morning after that, I can’t find the spot, by sight or feel. Totally healed. Maralyn Renner

Stomach Pain, UTI, Colds, Flu

Onycha has been used for thousands of years as an ingredient of incense. It is both soothing and stimulating. It is also very warming and this makes it particularly helpful for colds, flu, coughs and sore throats, also for inhalation for sore throats and loss of voice. It seems to get things moving in the body, whether it is clearing mucus, stimulating the circulation, expelling gas or increasing the flow of urine. It is very comforting for griping pains in the stomach and for urinary tract infections. Also used for healing many kinds of skin lesions, from cracked and chapped hands and toes. It blends well with other oils like Lemon and Lavender and Rose. We have not used this oil a lot. We used a toothpick to get it out of the bottle. We loved it. Hope this helps all of you! Richard and Schana

When I was in the Clinic they gave me Onycha Oil and had me put it on before going to sleep. What wonderful dreams a person can have and it is great for the feminine side. Nancy Sanderson

Possible Uses - Bronchitis, chapped skin, depression, dry skin, laryngitis, leucorrhea, oily skin, scars, sensitive skin, stress and stretch marks.


Sandalwood repairs DNA.

Use Sandalwood versus Herpes, carcinogenesis and use topically against skin cancer. Gary Young

Sandalwood (Santalum album) is high in sesquiterpenes, which have been researched for their ability to stimulate the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain, the center of our emotions. The pineal gland is responsible for releasing melatonin, a hormone that enhances deep sleep. Used traditionally for skin revitalization, yoga and meditation, Sandalwood is similar to Frankincense Oil in its support of nerves and circulation.

Third Eye

Had an unusual encounter with Sandalwood last Sunday. I accidentally poured out more than I should have and so rubbed it all over the back of my occipital lobes, brain stem and all over the front of my face, especially the forehead and sinuses. Not only did my sinuses open up, but within a few minutes, my third eye began pulsating and for a very long time afterward too. It was almost an euphoric sensation. Definitely opened the senses. The radiating third eye was a most wonderful sensation. Still giddy from it. Blessings, Amy

Seizures in Dog

We have a dog that has been having seizures for years. Healthy as a horse otherwise! We were told by the vet that they were epileptic seizures. They said there is medicine they could give him, but they don't usually do it until the seizures get worse (longer in duration and more often) than what our dog's are.

I've tested and used many of the oils on him. The ones that seem to work the best are Valor and Sandalwood. As soon as he goes into one of them I will grab the Valor or Sandalwood (I usually test him first) and put it on the bottom of his pads, the bottom tips of his ears and the crown and down between his eyes. He seems to have shorter and less intense seizures once I put it on. Lori

Large Pores

I too have very large pores. All my life I have fought this problem. I started using Sandalwood because I am Bipolar. And this helps very much to control that end of my life for me. I have always wanted to come off of synthetic medicines and Sandalwood along with some other oils has made that possible for me. However one of the wonderful things about Sandalwood is that my complexion cleared up. My pores became smaller, my skin became soft and supple and less blotchy. I was AMAZED to say the least. I saw an amazing difference in just a couple of weeks. I really look forward to putting one drop one each cheek every night and rubbing it about my face. This may be the answer for you. I also use Lavender. One drop each side. Use Sandalwood for sleep.

Sore Feet

My friend has had a lifetime of difficult feet and she says that Sandalwood has given her relief like she hasn't known. She rubs a few drops on the bottom and on top in the well between the toes and arch. Your friend may want to try this over the tendon you describe. My niece had a bad foot for about 18 months, painful and causing her to limp, literally one drop of Aroma Siez stopped her pain and it hasn't come back. Hope this helps! Best, Suzanne

Old Trauma

My experience with Sandalwood is what made me see the light about YLEO. I had a lot of problems with the back of my head and upper left shoulder. I had a lot of trama when I was growing up. I used 1 drop of Sandalwood each night for six nights. I placed it on my thumbs, big toes and ears. I felt something each night and by the 6th night I had such a massive release in the back of my head, like a big crack. It felt so good. I wasn't afraid. Then my body became full of sweat for about 2 minutes. Then I felt like flying to the moon. I had so much energy I couldn't fall back to sleep. So I started writing everything down what had happened to me in those last 6 days so I could share my experience with others.

From EODR on Sandalwood - Plant Origin: Indonesia, India. Botanical Family - Santalaceae. Extraction Method - Steam distilled from wood. Chemical Constituents - Sesquiterpenes; Sesquiterpenols - a and b santalols (67%); Sesquiterpenals and carbonic acid.

Sandalwood is high in sesquiterpenes that have been researched in Europe for their ability to stimulate the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain, the center of emotions. The pineal gland is responsible for releasing Melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that enhances deep sleep. Sandalwood is similar to Frankincense in its support of nerves and circulation.

Traditional uses
- Sandalwood has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally used for skin revitalization, yoga and meditation. Indications - Bronchitis (chronic), herpes, cystitis and skin tumors.

Other Uses - Sandalwood helps with cystitis and urinary tract infections. It may also be beneficial for acne, depression, meditation, pulmonary infections, menstrual problems, nervous tension and skin infection. It helps dry or dehydrated skin.

- Diffuse or apply topically. Add to food or water as a dietary supplement or flavoring. Fragrant Influence - Enhances deep sleep, may help remove negative programming from the cells. Safety Data - If currently under a doctor’s care or pregnant, consult physician prior to use. Companion Oils - Cypress, Frankincense, Lemon, Myrrh, Patchouly, Spruce and Ylang Ylang. Hope this information helps! With kindest remembrances ~ Namaste, Nicole

The scent of Sandalwood is believed to aid in meditation and prayer by encouraging serenity and insight. Sandalwood Oil protects one from being overly concerned about worldly possessions.

Aloes/Sandalwood - (santalum album) Sandalwood has been used in India for thousands of years as an enhancement to meditation and prayer. It quiets the mental chatter that can distract us in meditation. It allows the mind to move into the deepest states of meditation and connects us with the great cosmic prayer, the infinite meditation.

Sandalwood affects Chakra energy in so many different ways because it is a very complex oil with many different actions at the subtle level. One of its greatest virtues lies in linking the Kundalini energy at the Base Chakra with the Crown Chakra. Its scent invokes a feeling of exotic sensuality and spiritual wholeness at the same time - divine sensuality. Sandalwood aligns all the chakras and subtle bodies allowing a person to be totally in their body and learn to feel all the subtle energy around them.

Sandalwood helps to keep you grounded, close to your divine essence, helps through periods of fear and allows you to surrender to divine will.

It helps to reprogram the brain and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands. It is a builder of the entire endocrine system. It is very high in substances that are similar to the male hormone (androgen). It is the regulator of the uterus.

Sesquiterpene contents is 90%. Sesquiterpines have the ability to pull oxygen out of food and air. Thus, they increase oxygen in the body as well as the brain. Increased oxygen to the brain stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands and the amygdala.

Sandalwood is a cooling oil - Cools the brain in meditation. It reprograms DNA level - 3rd eye for reprogramming.

It is believed that aloes of the Bible may have been fragrant Sandalwood, a spice accessible to the residents of ancient Palestine. "And there came also Nicodemus, which at the first came to Jesus by night, and brought a mixture of Myrrh and aloes, about an hundred pound weight." (John 19:39)

It enhances deep sleep and may help remove negative programming from the cells.

Sandalwood: vs. Herpes, carcinogenesis, use topically against skin cancer. Per G. Young

Sandalwood - The scent of Sandalwood is believed to aid in meditation and prayer by encouraging serenity and insightfulness. Sandalwood Oil protects one from being overly concerned about worldly possessions.


Spikenard - (nardostachys jatamansi) Known as Jatamansi in India. One of the best oils for calming the nerves. It is grounding and settles an out-of-balance mind. It is a post-digestive oil in India. (One drop taken near the end of the meal calms the stomach.) It is a stimulant to the male hormonal system brings courage and power. It helps people feel in charge of their lives.

In preparation for the departure of the spirit to the heavens, Spikenard allows us to release our fears of the unknown and have the courage to step forward. Spikenard helps to reconcile all that has happened to us in this lifetime upon the earth and to make peace with those who have hurt us. It is a fragrance of forgiveness. Its purpose is to release the past from the shackles of our own making, those that relentlessly bind us to repeating actions that affect the freedom of the Spirit.

This is the oil that Mary Magdalene broke the flask over Jesus. The disciples weren't happy with her actions, as the oil was very costly. Jesus told them the Mary was in the right and was just in her actions. There is controversy as to why she did this. Perhaps it was to prepare Him for His coming death, to help Him to forgive all the unjust that had been done to Him. Perhaps it was to give Him the courage to complete the life of which He knew the ending.

A very expensive oil, Spikenard was sealed in alabaster boxes. "And [Jesus] being in Bethany; in the house of Simon the leper; as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of Spikenard, very precious, and she brake the box, and poured it on his head." (Mark 14:3)

Sesquiterpenes - This constituent mentioned in many of these oils in something that is shown to be able to pass the Blood Brain Barrier. When this is achieved, through the olfactory it passed through a hardened cellular wall to heal at the cellular/DNA level. Sesquiterpenes can actually bypass and heal through de-programming of cellular and/or spiritual memory.

Many oils hold a constituent, mono-terpines. These oils help to re-program after de-programming has taken place. Citrus oils, Lavender, the blend Dream Catcher are oils that contain the mono-terpines.

When you feel the need to "get out of your mind" to be able to touch spiritual areas, apply the oils on the temples and across the forehead going from the left temple to the right.

When preparing for a meeting and needing to be more mental apply the oils in the opposite direction, temples and across the forehead going from the right temple to the left.

Spikenard was used to anoint the feet of Jesus in the gospels. This oil has a long history of both ritualistic and practical use. In biblical times, Spikenard was used as a medicine, mood enhancer and perfume. More importantly, it was used to prepare bodies for burial.

Modern times have found plenty of use for Spikenard as well. It has been shown to relieve allergies, migraines and nausea. Spikenard also supports the cardiovascular system and calms the emotions.

Vivid Dreaming

I've had lots of vivid dreams with the use of Spikenard. I put it on my forehead before going to sleep. I've also put it on the back of my head at Chakra 6. Doesn't seem to make much difference, just getting it on the head seems to do it for me. It seems to enhance dream recall, as well as conscious awareness of the dreaming experience. Blessings, Cathryn


Cassia energetically works to free the memories of enslavement held deep in the unconscious. It also assists us in remembering the reasons for a rebellious nature and distaste for authority that derive from lifetimes of begin a slave, indentured servant or powerless.

Cassia has 90% phenol propenoids. Phenol propenoids increase frequency, which increase spirituality. Cassia was a key ingredient in temple incense in ancient times. (Other oils with phenol propenoids are Clove 90%, Basil 75%, Cinnamon 73%, Nutmeg 75%.).

According to Dr. Young, a recent study shows that extracts of this herb can stimulate T-lymphocyte activity and immuno-globulin production by B cells, which are key elements of immune function.

Caution - Cassia oil can be irritating to the skin. Use on the bottom of the feet.

Emotionally/Spiritually calming. Places one in instant meditative state. Use on 3rd Eye for clear vision. Use in the etheric over chakras in healing.

Burns off - clears out buildups - clears receptor sites to experience healing energies. Helps for empowerment. Strengthens the immune system.

* Use in very small amounts. *

Cassia was a key ingredient in the temple incense. "All thy garments smell of Myrrh, and aloes, and Cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad." (Psalms 45:8)

Substitute for Coffee?

  - (cinnamomum Cassia) Similar to Cinnamon but it smells sweeter and more pleasant. It enhances circulation and supports the heart and empowers the will. It also supports the sacral chakra, especially during menopause. It is a good oil to use if you wake up in the morning and feel sluggish.


This is Cistus Oil commonly called Rock Rose. Beautiful oil. Here we see the phenols again, "anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, regulator of neuro-vegative degeneration of the nervous system, auto-immune." Also for arthritis, rheumatism, plaque and other things, but primarily for viruses of the auto-immune system. Gary Young

Cistus is known in Europe for its use as a fixative in perfumes. However it is excellent for rejuvenating tissue. Its number one benefit is for cuts, wounds, scrapes and scars. It is a natural hemostat for regulating the blood and for cleaning the blood (it digests bacteria). The oil itself seems to contain enzymes. It is blood-regulating and good for clots. Put with Lavender it is very calming. Put with Frankincense, it prevents or reduces scars.

Cistus will dissolve blood clots instantly.


I have dealt for years with a couple of facial pores that have a chronic breakout on and off. There are a couple that just never go away and they end up like a cystic type of pimple or whatever, but they are not pimples. I finally got sick and tired of the few little guys that were an eyesore on my cheeks and frankly, a real pain. So, I tried the Cistus Oil and I can't tell you what an amazing recovery. I have had these spots on both my checks on and off for years. I swear they disappeared overnight. Before I used the oil, I felt the area getting ready to break out and they were beginning to hurt a little. I put the oil on that night and they were GONE the next day. I kept putting the Cistus on for a couple of days and then stopped. I can now report that it was incredible and they have not come back AT ALL. They have not come back for over 2 months. This is a first. I am 48 and really didn't need to constantly have a little acne going on! So use the Cistus on your facial outbreaks and see what it will do for you. I am thrilled. I have smooth cheeks again. Charlotte Stover


I was listening to the Missing Link tape again for the 1000th time. I hear new information each time, as there is so much in that little tape. Dr. Young talks about Cistus Oil. At what seems to be the conclusion of the discussion on Cistus, he continues with a story about the nurse who gave a lady with Lupus a bottle of her EO. The lady had been sent home and told to get her affairs in order, there was nothing more they could do for her. Within days, the lady was free of all symptoms of Lupus. Dr. Young goes on to talk about auto immune diseases and asks the question, "what is AIDS" what is etc". I put this together with no other information that Cistus Oil may have been the oil the nurse provided the lady with Lupus. Is it worth trying? I think so. Any who have used ImmuPower know the strong fragrance associated with it. I recently found that "fragrance" is very definitely associated with Cistus. Build the immune system – ImmuPower - auto immune diseases - poorly functioning immune system - smell in ImmuPower - Cistus.

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Several of us nurses have had wonderful relief and "heeling" for our plantar fasciitis and heel spurs using Cistus, applying it before bedtime and twice during the day. Of course foot exercises are a must to stretch the fascia. If the pain continues and you are on your feet for long hours, a podiatrist can make inserts that will help long-term. It took me a year to get total relief from the pain before I discovered Young Living! This painful experience taught me to thank my feet every night for carrying me around all day, by massaging them with a moisturizing lotion, to which I add an oil of my choosing and putting on a pair of cotton socks. This keeps them soft, smooth and uncomplaining while getting rid of those awful calluses that crack and bleed. Appreciate your feet, folks, or they will refuse to take you anywhere! Julianna

Rejuvenates Tissue

Cistus is known in Europe for its use as a fixative in perfumes. However it is excellent for rejuvenating tissue. Its number one benefit is for cuts, wounds, scrapes and scars. It is a natural hemostat for regulating the blood and for cleaning the blood. It digests bacteria. The oil itself seems to contain enzymes. It is blood regulating and good for clots. Put with Lavender it is very calming. Put with Frankincense, it prevents or reduces scars.

Rose of Sharon/Cistus
- (Cistus ladanifer) Also called Rock Rose or labdanum. This is a fragrance of prophecy, visions and all quests for truth. Rose of Sharon cannot provide answers, nor can it speak, but it stimulates the eternal knowledge that is intrinsic to all human beings. Rose of Sharon brings awareness that the universal spirit can be glimpsed and absorbed into our very being, although the complete merging with God must remain just out of reach while we fulfill our role here on earth.

Good for auto-immune. Use along the spine. Vision of Truth. Internal Knowledge.

This beautiful rose has a soft honey-like scent and may be the small shrubby tree called the Rose of Sharon. "I am the Rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valley." (Song of Solomon 2:1)

Cistus: Immune stimulus, anti-cancerous, anti-hemorrhage. Use for arthritis with Helichrysum in 00 caps and topically.

Blood Regulators

Someone was asking awhile back about blood regulators. Maybe it was about blood thinning. I wanted to mention Helichrysum back then but I wasn't sure. Well I found it in my notes from this year's convention in Utah. Gary said that he uses 50% Helichrysum and 50% Cistus as blood regulators. Didi
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